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INDIEPRODUCERSDIRECTORY.COM has been created by producers, directors and writers working as independent filmmakers their entire careers.

Along the way, one won the Grand Prize as producer at Sundance, one was a runner up in competition as a director/writer at Critic’s Week, Cannes and two were participants at the Sundance Lab. Films they have produced, directed and/or written have aired on network television, and been distributed globally.

Collectively they have shown multiple times in every film festival in the world - major and minor, competitive and non—have raised money through independent film companies, limited partnerships and production pre-sales. They have written business plans, worked with sales reps and negotiated distribution deals.

They have consulted on independent film productions in the US, Europe and South Asia.

They’ve created to give both novice and experienced filmmakers a set of tools and services that will help move a film from concept to reality.


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