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" I had no idea what to expect from this site... I just signed up and I am really impressed by the detail and information that is available about a lot of these production companies that I had no idea about. Great work! Thank you for this site. Looking forward to using the IP Directory search and telling people about it!"  Maxwell A.

"I would like to say wholeheartedly that has been a huge help in getting our project up and noticed...(the)
log line, email and fax services have been paramount to our efforts...I highly recommend IPD to all..."  Edward C.


INDIEPRODUCERSDIRECTORY.COM helps solve 3 main problems facing film makers:

1 - How do I find production companies & producers who purchase screenplays & produce films?
2 - How do I contact those production companies & producers?
3 - How do I keep track of production companies & producers I contact?  

Here is how:

IP DIRECTORY Research contact info on over one thousand handpicked producers, executives and film production companies using a great search engine. (Video)

IPD EMAIL & FAX SERVICE Email and fax your query and log line to hundreds of producers and executives. (Video)

IPD LOGLINE SERVICE Create a log line that sings—the first words producers & executives read about your script.  (Video)

IPD QUERY LETTER SERVICECreate a query letter that frames a log line producers & executives respond to. (Video)

MY IPDBuild personal directories of producers, executives & companies, track your interaction with them & more. (Video)

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