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Rosie’s menu is packed with delicious Italian specialties that are prepared daily in our kitchen. Stay home tonight and let Rosie’s do the cooking. Delivered free and ready to eat!

Delicious Pasta Dinners:

From bucatini to tortellini our fresh pastas are made with 100% high grade semolina, pasteurized eggs, and purified water. Sauces are made fresh daily in our kitchen using only the freshest and imported ingredients available. Pasta entrees are created by combining the proper pasta size, shape and texture with the perfect kitchen made sauce and cheese toppings. Adding meat, seafood or fresh vegetables help to complete a wonderful meal. These delicious plates are served al dente (to the tooth). Flavor you would expect from a 5 star restaurant right in the comfort of your home.
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Hand Tossed Pizza:

The secret to our delicious pizza is simple. We only use the finest ingredients available and never roll of flatten our dough. Every pie is hand tossed, and you will notice that because of this method our pizzas are rarely perfectly round. They are baked in a super-hot oven that helps create the crispy brown crust you will love. Order one of our deluxe pies or design the pizza of your choice. Select as many toppings as you wish. Note: We serve all of our pies uncut to prolong freshness until you choose to serve them.
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Specialty Soups- Salads-Sandwiches:

It’s common knowledge that Italians love their soup, salads and sandwiches. Our Pasta Fagioli is a secret family recipe that has never been duplicated. And the “Italian Wedding Soup “is delicious and something you won’t find on most menus. Our salads are offered either as a full dinner size, or as a side portion to enjoy with one of our other menu items. And our handcrafted sandwiches are made to order and are served on a crispy fresh roll. You might also notice a few items here that you have never tried before. Take the plunge and you will agree on how wonderful they taste. Delicious tonight but they are also great for tomorrow’s lunch. All of our soups and dinner sized salads are served with fresh bread.
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Rosie's Marketplace:

Thinking about hosting a party or creating a perfect night at home for that special someone? Visit our marketplace where you will find many of our menu items for purchase…
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Money Saving Offers:

From time to time we may offer dinner specials and or discounts on one or more of our delicious menu items. Simply enter the coupon code when ordering and the discounts are yours! Create a Buzz and we will reward you with a discount on your next order. Like us on Facebook, Tweet Out, or Yelp Us and redeem a 20% off coupon on our online ordering page. Just e-mail us a copy, and we will send you a special BUZZ code to enter when ordering…
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31961 Dove Canyon Drive
Trubuco Canyon, Ca 92679

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