Our family immigrated to America from a small seaside town in Puglia Italy named Mola Di Bari. Like most Italians we were very close, and every female took pride in their kitchen skills. Ironically many of them were named Rose. My grandmother, two aunts and three of my cousins all answered to the name. Tradition continues to a fourth generation because two of the youngest ladies in our family proudly bear the name.

As my grandmother matured she became known as Rosie, most likely because of her lively personality. Everyone knew that Rosie was magic in the kitchen. No holiday or important event took place without Rosie preparing the meal. She could whip up a tasty feast in a flash, using only food found in the “ice box”. Her specialty was making sauces and homemade pasta. I can still see the fettuccine and ravioli drying out on a sheet in her bedroom.

Rosie loved company and always was willing to share her knowledge of the cucina. Many of her recipies were chronicled by my dad who latter passed them on to me and my siblings. These delights have been enjoyed by friends and families for over 75 years, and although we have made a few changes, we realized that most of the items on our menu scream of Rosie. So in her honor Rosie’s Italian Kitchen is born. Our passion is cooking and creating recipes that Rosie would be proud of.

Baci Grandi…


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